Friday, January 25, 2013

Website Update

I have recently begun updating my website with some recent work, like the one pictured in the previous post. It also has new work that is currently available. All of the newer stuff is in oils. I do not have any new icons available at this time. But....

This summer at synod I'll be selling a number of NEW icons that I currently have in production, including:

Christ Pantocrator
Our Lady of Walsingham
St. James the Greater
St. Katherine of Alexandria
St. Nicholas
The Dormition of the Virgin
The Harrowing of Hell
The Raising of Lazarus
The Transfiguration

These are all new compositions. Namely, they are copied from icons that I have never copied before, or themes that I have never painted before.

In addition to these I will have new versions of some of the standard themes that I have done in the past:

St. George Slaying the Dragon (in a few different forms)
Christ Pantocrator
Crucifixion (various forms)
Descent from the Cross
Virgin Eleousa
Mother of Compassion
Virgin Hogiditria
and more...

As with all of my other icons, these are written in the traditional manner using traditional materials and techniques. These will be available in all sorts of sizes, so there will something that will fit into everyone's budget!

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