Saturday, March 7, 2009

Depicting Religious Scenes in Contemporary Art

One of the major problems I have encountered in the few religious works that I have done is trying to make them both contemporary and traditional at the same time. It is wrong to think that the only thing one must do to create good contemporary religious art is render the figure in a realistic, neo-baroque style. That is part of it (to some degree), but there are other factors involved too. What is constantly overlooked I have found is what the people in the painting are wearing and their surroundings. If you paint them in contemporary clothes and in a contemporary setting - well, it looks sort of strange in most cases (in my opinion). If you paint them in Roman dress, it doesn't seem very contemporary! What is the solution?


Baus said...

Gordon, thought you might appreciate taking a look at this book list here:


Baus said...

That URL didn't create a link, so HERE's one.

J. Gordon Anderson said...

Thanks! I started reading "Art in Action" a couple years ago but put it down because it was too hard. Will have to give it another go sometime.