Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Recent News

After my summer show at the Liriodendron in Bel Air, MD I found myself incredibly burned out with everything - art, church, family, etc. - so I took a break from painting for a few months. I'm glad I did, because it helped me refocus and begin a much needed change of direction in my work.

While I'm still going to paint the occasional icon I am going to try to do some landscape in egg tempera. I have only done two or three small such paintings in the past, but have always wanted to explore it more deeply. Andrew Wyeth's egg tempera landscapes are so compelling... not that mine will - or ever could - look like his. It is very versatile medium that allows for a lot of subtlety in a variety of ways. It will take a while to get up to speed with this, but I am looking forward to it. I already have one in progress.

As for cityscapes - my former signature work - I am burned out with these, and currently so repulsed by Baltimore and what the idiotic leadership of this once great city have done to it over the past 50 years that I cannot find any wonder or attraction to even being there... much less painting pictures of it.

I'm also getting back into watercolor. It is a fun medium that is very challenging. I used to paint in it a lot, but haven't done much now for 9 years. That means there will be lots of catching up to do. Will probably focus on landscape for now

My sacred art... this is tricky. All I can say is that I will be approaching this from a different technical angle, going back somewhat to earlier forms. Am currently working on a painting of the conversion of Saint Paul. Will keep you posted.

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