Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy 2011

Sorry for the dearth of posts. The end of 2010 was quite busy and dare I say traumatic with having to move. My family has no relocated to Maryland where we live outside of Baltimore metro area. As this is home to us it was a welcome move. Here in MD I serve as rector of a small country church.

Unfortunately on the trip up some of my art, including my very first painting, was lost. That was the "traumatic" part of the move. Luckily the rest of my work escaped major damage. My work is mostly in storage now, as are my supplies and my studio equipment, because we are living in small condo while looking for permanent housing. It goes without saying that the bulk of my energy lately is being spent on the church, getting settled, etc. so I have not been able to get back to work yet. I hope to begin painting again next month, and work on small icons to sell later this year.

The nature of my vocation as a parish priest in a "continuing" Anglican Church has necessitated moving around from state to state and parish to parish. These moves are quite disruptive artistically, but are necessary if I hope to serve God, move up the ladder, and get the experience to minister more effectively. I take great joy in ministry and art. In the former this is confined almost exclusively to parish ministry, while in the latter I enjoy everything about it. Soon enough I hope to return to the joys of painting!

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