Monday, December 3, 2007

The Minister's Duty in Life and Doctrine

"But to you, I say, of the clergy, these things are spoken properly; to you these powers are conveyed really; upon you God hath poured His spirit plentifully; you are the choicest of His choice, the elect of His election, a church picked out of the church, vessels of honor for your Master's use, appointed to teach others, authorized to bless in His name; you are ministers of Christ's priesthood, under-laborers in the great work of mediation and intercession, you are 'for the people towards God' (Ex 18:19), and convey answers and messages from God to the people. These things I speak, not only to magnify your office, but to enforce and heighten your duty; you are holy by office and designation; for your very appointment is a sanctification and a consecration, and therefore whatever holiness God requires of the people, who have some little portions in the priesthood evangelical, He expects it of you, and much greater, to whom He hath conveyed so great honors, and admitted so near unto Himself, and hath made to be the great ministers of His kingdom and His spirit."

Jeremy Taylor (1613-1667)
excerpt from Sermon X
The Minister's Duty in Life and Doctrine

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