Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Couple of Anglican Updates

Did you know that "Theological Outlines" by Francis Hall is back in print? You can get for $27 at Wipf and Stock. Theological Outlines is a quick reference/bare bones version of his 10 volume systematic theology. It's nice to have around, and who knows how long it will be back, so buy it now while you still can.

Also, a couple of really bad looking Anglican websites have been updated, and now they look pretty good: St. Alban's, Joppa, MD (my wife did that one); Reformed Episcopal Seminary; and the Anglican Catholic Church. Nothing is more important these days in terms of advertising than having a decent web presence.


Email Address In Profile said...


Now if we could just get the APA and some other continuing bodies websites updated? :)

+Frederick Fick

J. Gordon Anderson said...

Yeah, you're not kidding! LOL