Friday, February 27, 2015

Upcoming Show and a Transition

Please come out to the Liriodendron in Bel Air, Maryland July 12th - August 9th to see my art. I'll be showing religious works consisting of icons and oil paintings. Most of the oil paintings will be quite large. The icons will vary in size, the largest being about 2' x 2' the smallest being just a couple of inches.

Ten years ago I had a show at the Liriodendron and it was a big success. At the time a nice article about me was written in the Baltimore Sun... specifically about my iconography, which I had just started doing. The main difference between the last show and the upcoming one is that the former had cityscapes in it, while this new one will not.

Once this show is over I will likely be taking a break from painting religious works in oil. I'd like to delve into landscape painting and still life, which I haven't done for years. Not only do I find that subject matter interesting, I also would like to market my work to companies, and quite frankly most companies - unless they are a church or church-related organization - are not interested in large-scale sacred works. Most people aren't in fact... when was the last time you went into someone's home and saw a massive painting of the crucifixion in their living room? I'll keep "writing" (painting) icons of course, as that is a small, reliable niche market, and because they are easier to sell, if no other reason than their size.

I began painting most sacred works back in 2006/2007 after my ordination as a way to explore the mysteries of the my faith and ministry. Having created many beautiful works over the last 10 or so years, I feel comfortable moving on to something else.


Anonymous said...

Each day when i wake up I see Jesus laying on Mary's lap and in her arms... not too far from there I see a picture of a monk brewing beer in the monastery. -- Dean

J. Gordon Anderson said...

Thanks, Dean! Great to hear from you! I hope you can come out to the show and see some of the work. It'd be fantastic to catch up! God's grace be with you!