Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Christian Mind

Recently I have been rereading a book we read way back in college called The Christian Mind, by Harry Blamires. Blamires was a student under C.S. Lewis at Oxford. Lately I find myself reading more books that would appeal to the minds of searching college students, but that's another story. Every Anglican, and for that matter Christian, should read this book. It is an ideal gift for a thinking college student. Written in 1963, and first published by S.P.C.K., this book is one of the best kept secrets in Anglicanism. It was, I understand, one of the Episcopal Book Club selections way back when. Obviously not enough people who became leaders in the Episcopal Church and the CofE read it.

The book says that the Church has by and large surrendered to secularism. It makes the argument that there is a secular way of thinking and a Christian way of thinking. He says that it is possible to think secularly about Christian things and secular things (which is what most people do), and that it is possible to think Christianly about secular things and Christian things (which is what Christians should do and promote). The Christian mind is marked by a number of things: its supernatural orienatation; its awareness of truth; its conception of evil; its acceptance of authority; its concern for the person; and its sacramental cast. He discusses each of these areas in detail.

Again, this is a great book, and would make an excellent parish study, or gift (especially to a college student). I am going to add it to my "recommended reading" list that I made for some parishioners. It is not hard reading, but really good and worthwhile nonetheless.


Kay said...

I've wanted to reread that book, but I don't know if I still have my copy. It seems to me that I saw it the last time I moved. I'll have to do a little search.

J. Gordon Anderson said...

You should reread it! It's great. Makes a nice book study at church too!